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First for Flooring can answer any of your questions regarding a Solid Timber floor, or Engineered.  
A sample of our most frequently asked questions are below, should you have any others please do not hesitate to contact James on 1800 1FLOOR (135667) or email
Q - Why sand & polish an existing solid timber floor? 

A - No matter how often you clean your timber floors, they are going to require periodic sanding and polishing in order to keep them looking their best


Q - What is staining a Solid Timber Floor? 

A - Staining changes the look/colour/feel of your existing timber floor, this is a fantastic option should there of been a change of decor, without the need to install a new floor 


Q - How long will sand & polish last? 

A - Providing regular maintenance is kept up, e.g; vacuuming, periodical "dry" mopping, ensuring you have mats placed to avoid things like sand and dirt being walked over the floor, the sand & polish should last 5-10 years with little or no need for a full recoat. 


Q- How can I remove scratches/damage from my Timber Floor? 

A - It will depend on the extent of the damage/scratch please contact us to discuss further


Q - What is secret nailing?

A - This is how we fasten the timber floorboards. Flooring staples or nails are driven in at a 45 degree angle through the tongue of each board to the substrate. The groove of each subsequent board covers the staple or nail, leaving no visible nail marks on the surface of the timber floor


Q - There is a lot of traffic in my home - what floor would be best suited?

A - The timber itself will withstand general everyday wear and tear, the coat that is applied during the polish stage will need to be discussed to ensure that the most suitable type is applied in your home.  The stronger the coating, the less prone to damage the timber flooring will be. 


Q - Will high-heels dent my floor?

A - This is quite possible, along with a variety of other objects you will be placing on your installed timber floor.  Contact a member of the First for Flooring team to discuss your requirements, your potential solid timber floor and how we can assist in ensuring that you install a solid timber floor that suits your homes requirements.


1800 1FLOOR (135667) or email 

for a free consultation 

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