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First for Flooring can bring your existing Timber Floor back it's once glorious state



First For Flooring are Melbourne Timber Flooring experts who specialise in solid timber floor sand and polishing services. Our team of dedicated sanders also have expertise in Solid Timber Floor Staining.


Beautifully polished floors can add value and breathe new life into your home.


Staining an existing timber floor is a great way of achieving a new look on either a new or old solid timber floor, and is great when it comes to matching decor or if you just fancy a change....!


There are several types of finish for your solid timber floor, ranging from oils to water based or solvent based polyurethanes - with finishes in matt, satin or gloss.   


Our Sand and Polishing incs;
  • Punching nail holes as required

  • Filling any nail holes with putty

  • Vacuuming the entire area to remove dust and dirt particles

  • Sanding the floor to ensure its even and smooth 

  • Application of the first coat of your chosen finish 

  • Inspect the floor for the quality of putty filling

  • Apply the next two coatings, lightly sanding and vacuuming between coats


We only use the latest technology and products, including Bona, Polycure, Festool, Canterbury, Clark and Franktec.  Let our team take care of all of the above for you and let our timber flooring craftsmen transform your floor. Contact us on 1800 1FLOOR (135667) or email your requirements to


Call Us  1800 1FLOOR (135667)
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