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Tip Of The Day - Cleaning tips for your floor

TIP OF THE DAY; Timber floors are Beautiful to look at, natural and great for those with allergies and timber is such a popular flooring choice. However timber comes with its own set of cleaning requirements so care must be taken to ensure that your floor stays looking great for longer When it comes to wood, too much water is the enemy and can even ruin your floors. Excessive wet patches will stain timber flooring and can even result in expanded and warped boards. The correct mop and technique will prolong the life and beauty of your wooden floors, protecting your investment and even your flooring warranty. 5 Cleaning tips for your floor; 1. Wring, Wring, Wring - The mop needs to be as dry as possible, so keep wringing out as much moisture as you can 2. Follow the Grain - Mopping in the direction of the wood grain ensures embedded dirt is more easily picked up, making mopping easier and more effective. 3. Find a Solution - A mop water solution that is! We recommend Bona products 4. Flat as a Pancake - A Microfibre flat mop is our recommendation for timber floors as they push the large particles of grit and dirt around without trapping them underneath, avoiding any scratches to the floor 5. Stay Cool - use only lukewarm to cool water on your hardwood floors, hot water can create a dull look and cause lasting damage by seeping into the timber if you have any questions relating to your timber floor please do not hesitate to contact us #firstforflooring #timberfloors #floorlayingexperts#flooringtips #bona


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